Wendy has been teaching private piano, guitar, and hand percussion at her San Francisco home studio since 2003. Please email her for rates and information. 



"Thank you for another sweet, sweet opportunity to cheer on our musicians and marvel at their growth and development.   Many thanks for a lovely recital. " ~Lisa C. (parent)

"The recital was so well organized.  I really enjoyed it.  Thank you for having my daughter be a part  of it. This is a great experience for her." ~Jackie C. (parent)

"Thank you so much for being an amazing piano teacher and inspiring me to play and practice as much as I can. Thank you for making learning so exciting and fun. Thank you for teaching me music and for finding songs that you know I will love to play. I look forward to going to piano every week." ~Rachel L. (student)

"If you need more students, let me know. I would happily spread the word about how wonderful you are! I am extremely grateful to you for your flexibility and loving teaching methods." Emilie C. (parent) 

"My children have been taking music lessons from Wendy Loomis for years (one does guitar and the other does piano). They both enjoy going to music lessons with Wendy and we love hearing them play. They continue to learn, and Wendy does it in a way in which it is always fun for them. At the end of each lesson, for example, Wendy has them pick an instrument to play and she accompanies on the piano. Then, they switch roles. I like the free form where they get to "think outside the box" and feel the music. As a person, I think Wendy is not only a nice person and a great music teacher but she's also a music and arts enthusiast who promotes creativity and thoughtfulness. I highly recommend her to anyone considering music lessons." Laura K. ( parent) 

"As a young girl, I took piano lesson for years and only learned classical music.  I continued to play, but had such a hard time with jazz, blues and pop.  Wendy can teach it all and really helped me with my rhythm, the blues scales and jazz off-beat.  She knows how to teach in a gentle but firm manner.  I would highly recommend her to anyone."  Judith A. (San Francisco student & parent)

Below is a video of a student who started studying with me when he was 8.  He is now a freshman in college.  This is his rendition of Debussy's "Clair de Lune".