What if We?  is a 10-minute video comprised of music, spoken word, and visual scientific data reflecting sea level rise. Composed by Wendy Loomis with original poetry by Royal Kent and arranged/performed by band COPUS, this work was created in collaboration with the scientists at the ClimateMusic Project.   


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To create the piece, Wendy Loomis, the composer for ClimateMusic, and Alison Marklein, an environmental researcher at the University of California, Riverside, began with data on sea-level rise published in the journal Earth’s Future in 2018 and often cited by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. A computer algorithm then converted each foot of potential sea-level rise into an audio frequency, each frequency slightly higher than the last. The result was the aural equivalent of a graph.” - Knvul Sheik

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"Thank you so much for doing something about this difficult and critical problem!   I applaud the use of art to draw attention to important issues!   What's great is that you distilled a TON of data/info into curated points,  allowing viewers to better absorb content. Bravo to you and your team Wendy! 👏 👏 👏" ~Danae V. 

"Wow, Wendy!  I hope that video is watched by millions.  It's message is viscerally powerful.  Nothing we don't already know, but hopefully it gets some people to begin to alter their behavior.  It is something you should take a lot of pride in." ~Stanley G.

"So powerful and inspiring, Wendy! Much needed! Sharing further and you can be assured of my consideration for this massively important piece of work."  ~Ricky K.

"What If We?" is an original audio/visual composition that brings to our conscious the most sensitive issues of the day! Well created and executed, congrats!" ~Dimitri K.  

"I was very impressed by your music video. It's not just powerful and beautiful musically but it's also meaningful.  I'm thankful you do your project like this to appeal to the audience since I'm from Japan and we have experienced the huge tragedy 3.11 tsunami and also we frequently have been experiencing floods assumed to be caused by climate changes.  So thank you for doing such a wonderful project." ~Shumile

"OMG Wendy! This video/song is soooo amazing! I love the perspective that you give it by showing future years. I also loved the music and Royal's spoken word later in the video. Amazingly done for a great cause too! I am impressed, super impressed! Congratulations!"  ~Kenya A.

"Just checked out your video. Very powerful stuff! Climate change really should be more in the forefront of everybody's minds in order to make change. I also loved how complex the composition is in this piece. Great job with everything!" ~Ricky P.



Music/concept - Wendy Loomis
Original poem - Royal Kent
In collaboration with The ClimateMusic Project

Arranged/performed by COPUS: 
Royal Kent - Poet/Spoken Word
Wendy Loomis - Composer/Synthesizer/Piano
Patrick Mahon - Bass
Levon Washington - Drums

Project Team from The ClimateMusic Project:
Dr. Alison Marklein
Dr. William Collins
Adeline Murthy
Stephan Crawford
Fran Schulberg
Laurie Goldman
Randy Rosenberg

Molly Monahan

Videography, visuals, video editing & data visualization - Angelo Chiacchio

Elke Osweiler
Penelope Behr

MarinWest Studios/Jimmy Hobson - Recording/Mixing Engineer
Infrasonic Sound/Piper Payne - Mastering Engineer.